Personalized Photo Book

Personalized Sport Photo Book

This professionally bound 8” by 10” photo book is a fun keepsake to preserve your child’s sports memories from the field of play. It includes approximately 10-20 pages of images you choose. It may include your child in action, portraits and a team shot. It’s a great option to treasure this special time for you, family and friends.

How it works: just email [email protected] with your child’s name and your desire for the Personalized Photo Book. During the next game your child plays that I can attend, I’ll take action shots of your child. In addition, I’ll take some portrait shots. A team shot from photo day can also be included in the book. After you have selected the shots you would like to include in the book from the online galleries, I’ll create the book, have it printed, and schedule a time deliver it to you.

Price: $199. for the first book, $120. for each additional book plus shipping and handling (currently $7.99 for 1 book per shipping address, $8.99 for 2, $9.99 for 3).............