Coach Photo Book

Coach Photo Book - Old

This is a great gift for your coaches. This bound 8.5” by 11” photo book is a fun keepsake to preserve your coaches’ team memories from the field of play. It’s a black, hardcover, linen book with a “keyhole” in the book cover that shows a picture, typically the team photo, on the first page of the book. It includes up to 20 pages of images you choose. It may include action shots, portraits or a team shot from existing photos in the galleries on this site.

How it works: just email [email protected] and let us know you are interested in a Coach Photo Book. We’ll send you instructions on how to create a My Favorites set that includes the photos you want included in the book, just by clicking on the photos. Typically you would pick 20-50 photos to use since multiple photos can be on one page. You can also pick which photo to use in the book cover keyhole (typically the team shot).

This book is printed locally and can be created, printed and picked up in a few days once the photos are chosen.

Price: $100. for the first book. $50. for each additional book. Shipping charges, if applicable, are extra.